Well, hello there! So glad you decided to
visit me in the Attic! Come on up! Watch
your step tho....might be some loose
boards here and there. You can take some
of this newspaper, here, and spread it out
over one of those trunks, or turn over one
of these buckets to sit on, while I explain.
*giggles* You'll, even, find a chair from
yesteryear, here and there. I doubt if you'll
be sitting, much, tho...too much to explore,
too many treasures, too many things to see,
too much to do.

I chose the name *Yuneek's Attic* cuz
well, for the Yuneek part, I'm quite
*unique*, you see? *giggles* But the main
fact is because my grandma's attic was
the most special place in the world, to me!
It could be 95 degrees, and I'd be
sweating bullets, but it didn't make a
difference, that was my favorite place to
be. Even though grandma is not here, and
the house is not there, I can drive by, or
even close my eyes, like now...and relive
all my times in the attic. The memories of
memories are still fresh, as if I were
sitting on a dusty box or tipping from slat
to slat, that my grandma had told me
DON'T do that!! What's more fun than
doing the DON'T! HAHAHA

I remember when I was a toddler, and
grandma would have to go get something
out of the attic, and I COULDN'T GO!!
Oh, oh, oh wails and tears of great
distress and a broken heart! I remember
the day came when I couldn't stand it
, anymore, and as soon as grandma
disappeared at the top, I started crawling
up behind her. That brought her down,
fast! She locked the door. I just sat my
diapered butt on the floor, looking at the
door. I was crushed. I got farther and
farther up there, but to be a grandma
grandma was fast, man! WHY is it that
attic stairs are sO steep???? And
wooden? No carpet. Hard to manevure
and hard on the knees. HAHAHA

I remember the day my grandma, with a
sigh, LOL opened the attic door, let me
toddle over to the steps, as she stood
there. I just KNEW she was going to
snatch me up, sit me down, and point that
finger and tell me "stay" there, that
she'd be right back! She didn't. Slowly,
painstakingly, she followed me, step by
step, until I finally got to the top. She
stood me up, and I formed my first
memory of a lifetime of memories of the

I remember the secrets it holds, the
treasures, hiding places, the slats that I
couldn't step between or I'd fall
downstairs, cuz that was really the
ceilings to the rooms downstairs, (so
grandma said, and that was the LAW), the
old black n white photo albums that held
memories long ago lived, but never
forgotten, and embedded in time through
a single tattered photo. And, look! I even,
still, have that old camera that some of
the first pics were taken with. Wanna
see? I'll show you, and some of the
photos, too. Cool, eh?

Ahhh, those precious memories.

Well, don't just sit there listening to me
yakkin' LOL... brush the dust aside and
come on in. Whoops, whoops, watch out
for those spider webs.

If you're in a hurry and don't
have time to stick around, right now,
maybe you'd like to quick
e-mail me to say hi
to let me know you stopped by. Also,
if you've got just one more minute
*giggles* quick dash and sign my
new guestmap

Thank you for stopping by, and come back
soon! I'll enjoy the pleasure of your company.
If you're stickin around *giggles* c'mon in!

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